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Founded in 2003, eLearning WMB has been at the forefront of innovation within the eLearning sector for over 18 years. As the first company to produce a cloud-based elearning authoring tool, and amongst the first to bring eLearning to smartphones, we have always looked to utilise the latest technology to improve learning outcomes.

By developing fresh approaches to education delivery, we have a strong focus on user experience and engagement. This led to the creation of Open eLMS for Universities, which blends ease-of-use with a broad feature set including digital onboarding, interactive ePortfolio, curriculum design, event scheduling, data management, Smart Classrooms, digital badges, current systems integration, eLearning Authoring and much, much more - it's designed specifically to alleviate the major challenges that institutions face, both in person and online!



Gale is a global leader in education, learning, and research resources online. This is why over 80,000 educational institutions around the world feature Gale products, including 98 of the top world’s top 100 universities. By combining access to unmatched collections of primary and secondary materials with market-leading technology, Gale is proud to further global arts and humanities research and teaching.

Established in 1954, Gale has been a major name in educational reference publishing over the past 65 years. More recently, Gale has developed as the preferred partner for the digitisation of major collections of historical primary sources from the world’s leading archives and libraries. By working with more than 300 partner libraries, including: The British Library, The National Archives of the UK and the US, Windsor Castle, Shanghai Public Library, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, Gale has spent the past twenty years democratising access to collections by bringing them to scholars and students, regardless of location or institutional pedigree.

Democratising access is only one part of the picture, and Gale has led the way as an innovator of research and learning technology, combining this unique, often impossible to access content with market-leading software that enables its exploration in novel and interesting ways. This work culminated in the recent development of Gale Digital Scholar Lab, Gale’s innovative text and data mining platform. The Lab brings the potential of large-scale data analysis to the undergraduate humanities classroom, supporting teachers who may have little experience in digital humanities to deliver on its exciting potential.

By developing products like Gale Digital Scholar Lab, and archives like Times Digital Archive (the complete archive of the world’s newspaper of record) and Eighteenth-Century Collections Online (one of the world’s largest digitisation projects, featuring every significant book written in Britain in the eighteenth century), Gale has revolutionised arts and humanities research around the world, and remains committed to continuing to do so in the future.



Labster is a cutting-edge virtual laboratory that helps professors educate  the next generation of scientists. The immersive, gamified simulations improve learning outcomes and empower students to explore real-life scenarios, master relevant theory, interact with advanced equipment, perform experiments, and assess learning. With an ever-growing library of more than 200 titles spanning the biology, chemistry, and physics disciplines, Labster virtual labs are the perfect supplement  to a modern blended learning curriculum.

The digital science education environment also makes a professor's job easier, integrating with the most popular learning management systems. Plus, each simulation automatically quizzes and grades students, freeing up more time for faculty to teach and do research. Labster also provides access to an extensive collection of supplemental resources like 3D animated videos, lab reports, and lab manuals to enhance the learning experience.

To ensure that every student has access to high-quality science education, the platform supports and engages all learners by offering a number of simulations in five languages, featuring diverse characters on screen, accommodating hearing and visual impairments, and making science education fun. To ensure that each university can get the most out of Labster, every purchase includes a dedicated implementation and customer success team as well as live customer service seven days a week.



Learning Science is a specialist technology partner that helps educators deliver an outstanding student learning experience. Our digital laboratory resources support students in core experimental methods, underlying theory and data analysis - significantly enhancing the learning potential of practical sessions.

Founded in 2007, our world-class team consists of scientists, web developers, designers, and education specialists. We support a global network of over 200 academic departments and since the start of the pandemic students have accessed over one million essential digital activities to accelerate their learning.

Our interactive LabSim libraries for bioscience and chemistry make the perfect addition to your students’ lab preparation. These learning simulations are created for enhancing practical science, developing key lab skills, and giving your students the capability and confidence that they need. Our Smart Worksheet Collection offers an advanced assessment solution - supporting students with immediate, personalised feedback. These online, auto-graded resources for data analysis and calculation practice, improve student assessment while drastically reducing your marking burden. 

We are fully committed to providing the highest levels of support and working with you every step of the way to make your course a success. Our resources embed seamlessly into all major VLE platforms, and our dedicated support team will provide all the help you need to ensure that your course resources work for staff and students. We’ll also provide a fast, personal on-going support service throughout the year, whenever you need it.


Proprep is an education technology company that supports instructors and improves student learning outcomes in STEM subjects through high-quality, customised learning resources. The rapid acceleration of digital learning in the last two years has increased the need for teaching resources that support flipped classroom, concurrent and other blended learning models. Proprep supports the new and ever-increasing challenges faced by students through bite-sized videos and skills checks, customisable to the instructor’s syllabus, pace and approach. The clear, concise and effective approach to module design and pedagogy allows instructors to build a bespoke online learning experience, with assignments, workbooks and exams. Thousands of students have reported improved learning outcomes as well as confidence in subject matter after utilising Proprep’s self-study offering and we believe Proprep represents a scalable, effective solution for instructors and librarians striving to support students across STEM.



Rapidmooc's video recording booths let anyone make professional quality videos in minutes without specialist skills or post-production. Create educational content from MOOCs, e-learning courses, tutorials, expert interviews and blended learning content. Over 250 universities and businesses use Rapidmooc, including the University of Oxford, Durham University, University College London and NHS England. 

Scale up your universities video content production with Rapidmooc's clever combination of hardware and powerful software. Each studio provides all the video and audio equipment required to produce professional video recordings, all powered by the Rapidmooc application designed to empower anybody to record or broadcast live video. No technical expertise is needed to use the studios or film crew, and the video output is immediately available for sharing straight after recording.   

Rapidmooc allows universities to create innovative learning content, including many recording modes from green screen, picture in picture, and augmented reality, which helps universities enhance their online learning experiences and content used for virtual classrooms.



Vevox is a real-time polling and anonymous Q&A platform for employee engagement. Rated number 1 by our users across Trustpilot, G2, and Capterra, Vevox makes virtual and hybrid meetings unmissable by providing participants, wherever they are located, the opportunity to have an equal say. Participants can freely interact by using the Vevox App to answer polls or contribute to Q&A’s through their smartphones or laptops. Giving your staff a voice and hearing their feedback has never been easier.

What makes it so good? Vevox is the most intuitive employee engagement technology there is, with user friendly features, that have been fine-tuned in partnership with customers just like you. Vevox users say their hybrid comms meetings have been transformed. Getting started is quick and easy and the platform can run independently as a standalone tool, or seamlessly integrates with your existing meeting tech, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, PowerPoint and other technologies, offering a one-stop solution to running successful and engaging hybrid meetings. Make your meetings more interactive, democratic – and more fun!